What Our Patients Say



"Once in a great while you come across someone who truly impacts your life. In our case this person came in the form of a physician. Even more rare is to find a physician who is not only a terrific surgeon but one that is caring and compassionate as well. I found this person in Dr. Michael J. Kortbus. We are sure that there are many physicians who have redeeming qualities but there are few that could possibly possess all of the knowledge, skill, and terrific bedside manner that we experienced with Dr. Kortbus. We would both highly recommend Dr. Kortbus to anyone. We feel truly blessed to have met and put our trust and care in such a fine person and exceptional physician."

- Clifford & Judy B., Pleasant Valley, NY

"I had the good luck to be treated by Dr. Michael Kortbus for 8 months. He is an excellent diagnostician. Before any scans or biopsies were done, and during my first appointment with him, he knew what I was suffering from and how it originated! He then had to surgically remove a tumor in my neck. Six months later the scar is hardly visible.

Dr. Kortbus clearly adores his work. He approaches it with energy and excitement, eager to explore new treatments and medical research. Not only does he feel this way about his field of medicine, but he enjoys working with his patients. He spent a good deal of time with me, and made sure to answer all the questions that I had. In addition, he personally made phone calls in order to assess my recovery."

- Mary S., Hurley, NY

"Dr. Kortbus is an outstanding physician. His excellent diagnostic skills are matched by his concern for his patients. In the course of treating me he has always been careful to explain exactly what he was doing, including the workings of whatever equipment he was using. And he has always been thorough and clear in answering any questions I’ve had. I would recommend him to anyone, including family members."

- James F., Hyde Park, NY

"My 15-month-old daughter needed to have myringotomy tubes placed and I wanted to find an ENT doctor who was going to be able to take care of my baby.  I wanted someone who was gentle, knowledgeable, confident and courteous to me and my family. After meeting Dr. Kortbus I knew I had found everything I needed plus more.  In the office and on the day of surgery he showed how kind he is not only to the patient but to the nervous family as well.  I could not have asked for a better surgeon."

- Marianna F., Rhinebeck, NY

" I recently had need of an ENT specialist and I elected to go to Dr. Kortbus because of the excellent care that he provided for my husband, Jim. I wasn’t disappointed. He has excellent assessment skills, and he explains everything that he is going to do before providing treatment. He also allows you more than ample time to ask questions. I would highly recommend him to anyone, especially family. "

- Ella F., Hyde Park, NY

"Picasso had his paintbrush and Dr. Michael Kortbus has his scalpel: both geniuses without rival! To not have a surgeon with the talent and skill of Dr. Kortbus is a loss for those unfortunate not to choose him.  Choices determine our futures and Dr. Kortbus as a choice gives special rewards.  His ability to follow the lines already set in one’s body at birth is a skill he has perfected.  He has “golden hands”.  His scalpel follows the original and unique patterns with which each person he touches is already gifted.  This is called seamless surgery.  He follows the yellow brick road, leaving you without telltale scarring.  In addition, he is a storyteller.  He speaks of your condition as a story with all of the pieces hanging together, not only with the patient, but their loved ones to whom he gives lengthy explanations.  I am a witness to all of the above, for this is my story.  Dr. Kortbus and his staff ROCK!"

- Rose Marie W., Chatham, NY