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Michael J. Kortbus, MD, FACS

Dr. Kortbus grew up in New York, and received his education at private schools in New England, including Tufts University School of Medicine. He was trained by leaders in the field of Otolaryngology at New York University Medical Center (NYU), Bellevue Hospital, Lenox Hill Hospital, Manhattan Eye and Ear Infirmary and the Manhattan Veterans Administration Hospital. He was also commended and respected by many as a clinical instructor during his time in the city.

After securing the highly competitive “ENT” residency at NYU, Dr. Kortbus was pleased to find that training and practice in this field included interaction with nearly every other medical specialty. While many believe ENT’s to be highly specialized, these doctors actually deal with problems that border on everything from dermatology to dentistry, from neurosurgery to acupuncture.

Dr. Kortbus chose Otolaryngology for several reasons. While in medical school, he noticed the happiest doctors were the ENT’s – a good reason to be intrigued. Also, as a young sufferer of allergies and tinnitus himself, he visited with these doctors. He was drawn to many aspects of the field – the doctors use the latest technology, such as microscopes and telescopes; perform surgery and manual techniques for care; have patients of all ages and genders; care for both chronic and acute problems; and are trusted with the most complex anatomy of the body: the head and neck.

When Dr. Kortbus is out of the office, his number one priority is spending time with his wife and four children. He also enjoys the outdoors, sports of nearly any variety, reading, travel and physical fitness – but not necessarily in that order!

“My passion for providing quality health care is driven by a strong connection to my patients and community. Running a private practice gives me the freedom to build and maintain those relationships through more responsive and interactive processes. By offering personalized services and high-tech capabilities, I’m able to provide the trusted and comprehensive care my patients deserve.”



Our Staff

Dedicated to providing superior care, our staff at Hudson ENT staff maintains the utmost respect and privacy for all aspects of our patients’ medical needs. With efficiency, clarity and a smile, we provide both progressive treatment and peace of mind.

Dr. Maureen Lynch-Rinaldi – Audiologist


Krystyn – Medical Assistant


Kate – Office Manager; Jessica – Receptionist